Cleaning and maintenance
of interiors and exteriors

Need cleaning and maintenance?

Ventor services take great care of your interior and exterior - we create the most appropriate solutions and services tailored to each client's needs.

We are specialized in seasonal cleaning and maintenance of tourist, residential and business facilities. We have our own launderette which has the capacity to meet the needs of washing and ironing of bedding when the old guests leave and the new guests arrive. We use professional equipment as well as high quality cleaning agents. We will arrange the term of the cleaning in advance to ensure everything is on time: additional staff, equipment and superior service.

Apartments cleaning
Basic cleaning
General cleaning
Final cleaning after construction work
Washing glass surfaces

Mowing grass
Trimming hedges
Collecting leaves and plant debris
Mowing uncultivated areas
Loading and transport of vegetable waste

Key storage and deposit
Welcoming guests
Washing and ironing of bedding
Organization of repairs
Guests check-out

We help apartment owners to earn income from their real estate while away on business, abroad or on holiday. We prepare your property for the reception of guests and provide professional cleaning, with special emphasis on quality service. We take care of everything - welcoming tourists, providing information about the destination, running different errands, organizing repairs, maintaining the yard, taking care of general final cleaning, picking up keys and welcoming new guests.

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